Friday, March 15, 2013

A Parisian Soiree

We recently celebrated the 7th birthday of my beautiful niece Caylee. For her theme, she chose a Paris party. She was pretty specific about what she wanted, including a Barbie cake with the actual Barbie inside and the cake as the skirt. She even googled it to show us how to do it :) Usually we make all of the cakes at our parties, but Casey decided she just didn't want to tackle this one so we ordered it. It turned out beautiful.

I focused on Caylee's silhouette for this party theme. I made little Passport coloring books for the kids, Barbie for the girls and superheroes for the boys. I converted some photos my sister Chelsi took on her trip to Paris to black and white and hung them as decor. I also made Caylee a matching tutu and shirt with her silhouette picture on it. She loved them! We served chocolate dipped oreos and strawberries, cheese and crackers, little smokies, mini sandwiches, and fruit and veggies.

Here are some pictures from the party.

Table setup
Welcome sign

Dipped oreos
Passport coloring books

Dipped strawberries

Cups for the kiddos with tulle bows

Party favors
Cheese & crackers
Beautiful miss Caylee in her tutu and shirt I made her :)
Caylee with her Barbie cake
Barbie cake

This party is available in the Etsy shop!


Party package:

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