Sunday, February 17, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Party

My nephew Alex turned 8 a few weeks ago. One of his absolute favorite things to do is pretend he is zombie hunting. He gets all of the other kids playing with him, some as zombies and others running around with toy guns and bows and arrows to hunt the zombies. It is actually quite entertaining. lol. When he chose to have a zombie party, I felt like it fit him to a T. I was also very excited to get to design and have a Halloween themed party in the middle of the year! I love Halloween!

We had a lot of fun with this one, and I am excited to finally get to show off the pictures!

Brain cupcakes (red velvet cupcakes with pink dyed cream cheese frosting)

Mini candy bars

My nephew wanted a zombie head for a table decoration, so I printed and put one on a stick for him. I put it in a vase and filled it full of gauze that I made "bloody" with red food coloring.

Toxic Waste for the kids- vanilla pudding with green food coloring

Party favors for the kids in latex gloves

Zombie Crossing sign leading into the party

My sister went all out with the dinner. She made "Bloody Guts"- spaghetti, "Severed Fingers"- hot dogs with onion fingernails, and "Severed Hands and Feet"- meatloafs shaped into hands and feet with onions for fingernails and toenails. They tasted amazing and everyone got a real kick out of them.

Severed hands and feet

My sister made a graveyard cake with glow in the dark zombies on top.

We all had a great time with this party. Most of the decorations were Halloween decorations. For the bloody tablecover, I used a white piece of fabric and used red paint to smear blood and handprints all over it. My nephew really enjoyed helping me with this part :)