Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tripp's Construction Second Birthday Party

I want to share the party that I did for my son Tripp's 2nd birthday.  A Construction party!

Under Construction Invitation
I like to start with the invitation design whenever I plan a party, then I take elements from that invitation to make the banner and other design elements.

Tripp's party banner

The refreshment table.  I borrowed some road signs and cones from the local County building.  They really pulled the party together.
Table-top decorations.  The tables are lined with black trash bags, and the borders are real caution tape.
Party hats!  I found these at Party Galaxy.
This is the dirt cake that I made.  It went over REALLY well, and I have had requests to make it at future events.  I thought that doing the cake in the back of a dump truck would fit the theme nicely.
Dump Truck Cake.  This cake was made by Tripp's aunt Candice Vasquez.  I think she did a great job and the red velvet cake was to die for!
And last, but not least!
The Birthday Boy!
I hope to have more parties posted soon.  I will definitely have a Cops and Robbers party up soon, and a 50th Motorcycle Birthday Bash.  Also coming soon... an adorable girly bug party for my niece Paige's 1st birthday!


  1. This party turned out wonderful! The decorations were adorable and crafty, the food was creative and delicious, and the theme was really pulled together by the authentic road sides and caution tape. The best part was the Construction Zone for the children (not pictured) that had real road signs leading the way, real cones mapping out the zone's boarder, and toy trucks from the birthday boy's personal collection. It was a huge hit with the children!

  2. Wow! It’s something I have never heard and imagined. Invitation designs are superb and cute making me smile. Recently I come across some beautiful LA event venues online and confused which one to select for my daughter’s birthday party. If you have any suggestion please share it here. Thanks in advance.